Deliver More & Look Good Doing It


The Trike Ad-BOX is a heavyweight taking up to 150kgs and 450 litres of cargo.

After surveying a number of scooter couriers, we noticed that ‘they didn’t feel safe most of the time. Our job was to find a solution that helped riders feel safer and drivers more aware of them.

The Scooter Ad-BOX is built to take the hard knocks, we know couriers would expect yet easy swap the battery out.

Contact us today to see how this simple addition to your fleet can make you solid profits. while giving you that edge in a very competitive marketplace.

Location Tracking

Verify your Ads are delivered in the right place at the right time

Community Service Announcements

Live information

Extended LED Indicators

Deliver safely Protect Riders

5 Times Brighter Than a TV

Be unavoidable

3 Sided Digital Advertising

Be Seen More Often in more places

Thermally Insulated Storage Box

Satisfied Customers

Advertise What's Being Delivered

  • Using our advertising platform, you can bring your external advertising budget in-house. Or augment income by onselling advertising to your customers.

  • Each box on the road is like a six-sheet geolocated on your target audience.

  • Each box can play six different adverts every 10 seconds. Use those impressions to drive purchase intent for your brand or partner content.

Trike Ad-BOX


400 MM


360 MM


400 MM

Static & Dynamic


One in Six Advert Slot

Digital Delivery

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Design Services

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Geo-Target Ads Within 10 Meters