Delivering Your Advertising

1000 On The Road In London By The End Of The Year

Delivered By Professional Riders

Once you’ve made a splash, make lasting impact by spreading your brand message around the whole of town daily by opting for our selected delivery riders.

Your message is on their Ad-BOX every time they make a delivery.

They ride in the areas you select, and your message will be one of 6 ads, a 10-second ad showing every 1 minute, from £12 per day with an average of 1800 shows.

By the end of the year Ad-MOTO will have 1000 electric delivery scooters displaying their Ad-BOXES around the whole of central London.

This knockout concept will come on stream within the coming months.

How The Ads Work

Ad-BOX Features

Ad-BOX Features

Scooter Ad-BOX


400 MM


360 MM


400 MM