The Streets Of London Has Never Seen Anything Quite Like It.

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The Benefits

Filter through traffic and be seen by more customers than ever before.

Innovative and eye-catching medium

Accessibility to areas of high pedestrian activity

Distribution of leaflets/flyers/product samples

Target competitors business

Very cost-effective


If You Want Hype -
We Got Hype !

With our professional street performers and state of the art audio expenance your brand will get noticed.

Our All Star Promotion Team

Our all star promotion team can get behind your brand in a way no outdoor media has been able to do until now.

5 or even 10 electric scooters, each with Ad-BOXES, can display news about your brand in an exciting, attention getting synchronised effort that attracts heaps of attention.

It’s not just advertising, it’s dynamic street theatre! The Ad-MOTO ALL STARS is a ninja team of top riders riding state of the art super quiet electric scooters.

They use fully patented technology on the eye catching LED Ad box attached to the back of each scooter. Messages can be changed via WiFi in real time.

Opportunities to see can be tailored to within just 100 metres of your advertised offer delivering unmissable point of sale on the go all across London. Unlike other outdoor media, Ad-MOTO All Stars provide sound as well as vision.

In fact our Ad-MOTO All Stars are stars in their own right, able to play to the crowd, including one of the best beat box vocalists in all of London. The Ad-MOTO ALL STARS can be hired by the day at £500 per bike.

How It Works?

Understanding Your Needs

Our primary focus will be to identify your campaign goals, key geographic areas and a timeline to get things in motion.

Customising Campaigns

We’ll create your perfect outdoor promotion customising everything from the campaign duration and fleet size to a ear popping audio and eye catching visuals.

Launching & Reporting

Once your custom visual has been uploaded; your ads will work day and night to showcase your brand. The data and customers will follow!​

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