Capture Imaginations & Emotions

Our media signage has the ability to slice through the above ground white noise and capture peoples’ imaginations and emotions, While driving brand awareness activation and being that all-important additional, invaluable touchpoint that delivers maximum success to a campaign.

Paul Vickery CEO

Future of Above-Ground DOOH.

  • Highly targeted eye level
  • 180-degree smart screens controlled by proven
  • cutting-edge
  • robust technology

We use the all-new Super Soco Eco Scooters, the world’s best-selling and best-looking Electric Delivery Scooters.

Three Ways We Deliver Profit

Bike Ad-BOX

This box conveniently aids the rider by enabling them to rest the bag on the Ad-BOX. Graphics changes can be implemented within 24 hours to assist in special offers.

Scooter Ad-BOX

Three super-bright digital screens and a 125l capacity makes the Scooter-Ad-BOX the only sensible choice for all ’15 min groceries,’ last-mile, logistics and courier companies.

Trike Ad-BOX

400 Litres capacity and a payload of 150kgs is all there is to say about this box… Do not forget we are paying YOU to use it too.

Clean & Charged Daily

Riders return the Ad-Scooter each night to the hub, where they are maintained, charged and cleaned, ensuring your Ads are always looking great.

Turn Your Delivery Fleet Into A Profitable Part Of Your Business

Call us today to discover how to turn your fleet into a very profitable part of your business.